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  • Publication date: 31.08.2010.
  • Published on HRČAK: 11.03.2011.

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Impresum (page 401-401)

Impressum (page 401-401)


Efficiency Investigation and Energy Saving of Vertical Ground Source Heat Pump (page 405-409)

Johan DESMEDT, Johan Van BAEL
Original scientific paper

Assessment of Biomass Co-Firing Potentials in Coal Power Plants (page 411-427)

Daniel GARCIA-GALINDO, Francisco Javier ROYO, Fernando SEBASTIÁN
Original scientific paper

The Possibility of Energy Generation within the Conventional Natural Gas Transport System (page 429-440)

Original scientific paper

Biogas Potential in Croatian Farming Sector (page 441-448)

Tomislav PUKŠEC, Neven DUIĆ
Original scientific paper

Applicability of Continuous Real-Time Monitoring Systems in Safety Assurance of Significant Structures (page 449-458)

Janez ROŠER, Ivica RISTOVIĆ, Milivoj VULIĆ
Original scientific paper

Demonstration Test Plant of Closed Cycle Gas Turbine with Supercritical CO2 as Working Fluid (page 459-465)

Motoaki UTAMURA, Hiroshi HASUIKE, Takashi YAMAMOTO
Original scientific paper

Modelling Dependence of Climate System on Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Combustion (page 467-473)

Sadik BEKTESHI, Skender KABASHI, Ivo ŠLAUS, Aleksander ZIDANSEK, Skender AHMETAJ
Preliminary communication

Optimization of Waste Heat Utilization in Gas Turbine Pipeline Compressor Station (page 475-487)

Preliminary communication

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