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  • Publication date: 15.04.2011.
  • Published on HRČAK: 15.04.2011.

Table of contents

Full text

The Consequences of Internationalization in the Croatian Language (page 1-21)

Marijana Horvat, Barbara Štebih Golub
Review article

Accentuation of Nominal i-stems in Orubica (page 23-31)

Mate Kapović
Original scientific paper

Dialects of Gorski Kotar (page 47-69)

Marija Malnar
Review article

Copulative Compounds in Croatian (page 71-95)

Ivan Marković
Original scientific paper

The Early Development of the Gorski Kotar Dialect (page 97-133)

Tijmen Pronk
Original scientific paper

Elision of /h, ?/ in the Shirazi Dialect of Persian (SHDP): An Optimality Theory Based Analysis (page 135-162)

Nasser Rashidi, Mitra Shokrollahi
Original scientific paper

Analysis of Prirečja (Sprichwörter) by Ignac Kristijanović (page 163-202)

Barbara Štebih Golub, Nada Vajs Vinja
Original scientific paper

The Accentual Types of Nouns in the Dialect of Novalja on the Island of Pag (page 203-222)

Silvana Vranić
Original scientific paper

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