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  • Publication date: 23.07.2012.
  • Published on HRČAK: 24.07.2012.

Table of contents

Full text

Do Flexicurity Policies Affect Labour Market Outcomes? An Analysis of EU Countries (page 107-129)

Suzana Laporšek, Primož Dolenc
Original scientific paper

Cohort and Welfare Regime Differences in Attitudes on State: Multilevel Analysis of 29 Countries (page 131-153)

Tanja Vučković Juroš
Original scientific paper

Trial Application of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in the Expert Evaluation of Disability in Croatia (page 197-197)

Tomislav Benjak, Zvjezdana Janičar, Anica Ježić, Gordana Sudec, Ivančica Mamek Jagić, Jasmina Ostojić
Professional paper

The Gospel of Wealth (page 199-206)

Evanđelje bogatstva (page 199-206)

Andrew Carnegie

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