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  • Publication date: 15.12.1994.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.05.2013.

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Assessment of Blood Flow in External Carotid Artery and Its Main Branches by Continuous Ultrasonic Waves (page 253-260)

Biserka Bujanović, Vida Demarin, Želimir Muretić
Original scientific paper

Acoustic Analysis of Speech Status for Subjects with Orthodontic Anomalies (page 261-270)

Marija Hunski
Original scientific paper

Developmental Anomalies of Genetically Instable Teeth (page 271-279)

Asja Miličić, Vesna Gaži-Čoklica, Marina Lapter
Original scientific paper

Assessment of Immunoreactivity in Recurrent Aphthous Ulcerations (RAU) During Immunostimulation Therapy (page 281-286)

Ana Cekić Arambašin, Suzana Brozović
Original scientific paper

Effects of Tobacco on Hard and Soft Tissues of Oral Cavity (page 287-294)

Hrvoje Brkić, Jadranka Keros, Marinka Mravak-Stipetić, Tihomir Žiger
Original scientific paper

Stereolitography — a New Method of Implantological Operation Planning After Mandibular Reconstruction (page 295-300)

Josip Bill, Thomas Betz, Ivan Bokan, Jürgen Reuter
Review article

Preimplantological Diagnostic Radiography with Dental-CT Software (page 301-305)

Thomas Betz, Josip Bill, Ivan Bokan, Jürgen Reuther
Review article

Complicated Fracture of the Upper Central Incisor Crown and Root (page 307-312)

Olga Lulić-Dukić, Dubravka Radionov, Želimir Muretić, Jadranka Ćosić, Sonja Gazić-Pokupec
Professional paper

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