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  • Publication date: 15.06.1992.
  • Published on HRČAK: 10.06.2013.

Table of contents

Full text

The Prevalence of Taurodontism in Croatian Population (page 79-84)

Hrvoje Brkić, Ivana Bagić, Denis Vojvodić
Original scientific paper

An EMG Analysis of Temporal Muscle Function in Complete Denture Wearers at Two Observation Stages (page 85-92)

Asja Čelebić, Melita Valentić-Peruzović
Original scientific paper

Blue Laser Curing of Composites (page 93-98)

Andrej Meniga, Jozo Šutalo, Davorka Azinović, Goran Pichler
Original scientific paper

Morphological Variations of Permanent Molars in Patients with Down’s Syndrome: Analysis of Root Fusion (page 99-107)

Ilija Škrinjarić, Marijan Gašpar, Ivana Bagić, Domagoj Glavina
Original scientific paper

Distribution of Active Plate Forces by Electrical Resistance Strain Gauge Transducers (page 109-116)

Mladen Šlaj, Andrej Meniga, Darije Plančak
Original scientific paper

The Assesment of Antibiotic Efficiency in Therapy of Acute Odontogenic Infections (page 117-122)

Davor Katanec
Original scientific paper

Occlusal Anomalies in Children with Mixed Dentition (page 123-132)

Mario Legović, Marijan Župan
Original scientific paper

Therapeutical Approach to Oral Precancerosis (page 133-138)

Iva Vidas
Review article

Classification of Dentin Bonding Agents (page 139-146)

Jozo Šutalo, Branka Ledić, Sanja Huljev, Ivica Anić
Review article

Control of Air Pollution in Dental Office Assessed on the Basis of Quantitative Aerobiological Methods (page 147-153)

Mira Broz, Sandra Fridrih, Darko Ropac
Professional paper

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