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  • Publication date: 15.09.1989.
  • Published on HRČAK: 08.08.2013.

Table of contents

Full text

Profesor dr. Zdenko Njemirovskij 17. 2. 1911 —8. 12. 1989. (page 187-188)

Vladimir Lapter
In memoriam, Obituary

An electron microscopic study of initial carious manifestations on the surface of human enamel in vivo (page 0-0)

Tonči Staničić, Marijan Tuđa, Jozo Šutalo
Original scientific paper

The bacteriological contamination of alginate impressions and dimensional stability during the desinfection (page 0-0)

Mira Broz, Željko Romić, Ante Omrčen, Sandra Fridrih, Darko Ropac
Original scientific paper

Roentgencephalometric evaluation of skeletal craniofacial types (page 0-0)

Dušan Rak, Želimir Muretić
Original scientific paper

Moguće interakcije lijekova pri primjeni lokalne anestezije (page 225-230)

Ileana Linčir, Kata Rošin-Grget
Review article

Secondary lateral caries and its prevention (page 0-0)

Vera Njemirovskij
Review article

Finger sucking: ethiological considerations and therapeutical approach (page 0-0)

Jarmila Škrinjarić, Ilija Škrinjarić
Professional paper

Bilateral finding of double teeth in the maxilla (page 0-0)

Ivan Ceranić, Tomislav Ferdebar
Professional paper

Prof. dr. Juraj Kallay (page 260-261)

Zvonimir Kaić
In memoriam, Obituary

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