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  • Publication date: 15.03.1984.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.10.2013.

Table of contents

Full text

Patients' observations on dental office (page 7-14)

Zvonko Kaić, Miljenko Magdić
Original scientific paper

The differences in the frequency and intensity of caries in twins (page 0-0)

Helena Percač, Vladimir Lapter, Ilija Škrinjarić, Želimir Muretić
Original scientific paper

The effects of plaque, some microelements and IgA from the saliva on dental caries (page 0-0)

Pavle Stošić, Dragan Beloica, D. Cekić, M. Vulović
Original scientific paper

An investigation of carabelli’s trait in the population of zagreb (page 0-0)

Vera Njemirovskij
Original scientific paper

Idiopathic bone cavity of the lower jaw (page 0-0)

Goran Knežević, Ivica Krmpotić, Jakša Grgurević
Professional paper

A decade of stomatologic studies in Rijeka (page 0-0)

Juraj Hraste, Angelina Surdučki
Original scientific paper

On the use of the new endodontic card (page 0-0)

Tonči Staničić
Professional paper

Dental treatment of a flatient with implanted artificial heart valve (page 0-0)

Budimir Raičković
Professional paper

Dr Bernard Gugić (page 75-75)

Vladimir Amšel
In memoriam, Obituary

Dr Lovro Pavelić (page 76-76)

Dora Najžar-Fleger, Dinko Blažić
In memoriam, Obituary

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