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Professional paper

Disappearance of the Institute of the Open Sea in the Adriatic

Željko Dominis

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Italian Parliament voted for Protection and Ecologic Zone of the Adriatic Sea Law which comprises the area from the outer borders of Italian territorial sea up to the medium line i.e. the line which will be determined by the agreements of the neighbouring States, Croatia and Slovenia and which will be under Italian jurisdiction and in which the Italian as well as European Union laws will be applied for foreign vessels. At the same time, even the international agreements for protection of marine life, biological diversity and archeologic findings on sea bed will be obeyed but the regulations regarding fishing activity will be excluded.
The goal of the paper is to show what are the consequences of Italian extention of its jurisdiction at sea i.e. declaration of protected ecologic zone in the Adriatic (what is mirrorred in the complete disappearance of the open sea institute as an international law institute), Slovene daclaration of protected ecologic zone and continental shelf, normative regulation of the relations in the Adriatic in accordance with the rights and duties of coastal and other States in protected ecologic and fishing zone and in relation to legal organization of marine fishing, mine exploitation from undersea, actions on appearance of the pollution of sea environment but also in relation to the regulations of new Croatian maritime and international maritime law concerning limitations with Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro with other implications which might occur by means of this enactment.


international maritime law, maritime law, merchant law, fishing law, ecological, fishing, archeologic and economic zone, zone of preferential rights, continental shelf, open sea and territorial waters, economy of live and other natural resources, economic

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