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In Senj, in the Nehaj Park there are five underground bunkers, four of which are found in the northern part of the park, alongside the walking path, and the other is on the west side of the park alongside the sports ground. The underground trenches of bunker no. 1 are 34 m long and 3 m below the entrance level, the trench of bunker no.2 is 16 m long and 5.5 m below the entrance level, the trench of bunker no. 3 is 18 m long and 4 m below the entrance level, and the trench of bunker no. 4 is 13 m long and only 0.5 m below the entrance level. Bunker no. 5 has two entrances with a varying depth of 2 m, and its trenches are 18 m long. Bunkers 4 and 5 have
entrance openings reinforced with 1 m thick concrete and in front a round concrete base for artillery weapons. It is assumed that they were built during the time of the Italian occupation of Senj (1941-1943). Bunkers 1, 2 and 3 are particularly interesting due to where they were built, because cut into the hillside in front of the bunkers there were walking trails and then they were subsequently buried. Due to that the bunkers' entrances are now located level to the trail and the bunker trenches are below. It is assumed that they were built during enemy occupation of Senj (1941-1945). It seems that none of the bunkers were used for the purpose they were constructed for. All of the bunkers are now abandoned and the entrances are now filled with rubbish. Since the trenches will gradually assume a natural appearance with the creation of colourful calcium carbonate, it is recommended that the bunkers are cleared, the doors sealed and then visits organised to them.


underground bunkers; Nehaj Park; Senj

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