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The Role of Human Resources in Modern Business

Sanja Džubur

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The paper deals with the importance of humans, their capabilities, knowledge and skills for a successful business in the light of new organisational and technological concepts. It is also dealt with the system of "Learning Organisation" as s new concept of behaviour which presents an outstanding universal change in the traditional management culture.
Generally, dealing with the human resources has been greatly developed in the last ten years. At the beginning of the last century, the importance of technology and complete indifference for human needs and specific qualities was prevalent. The fact that productivity globalization, competition and changes can't be realised without the total and precise understanding of human resources has been taken for granted nowadays. A human being is no longer a marginal, organisational resource but and outstanding source of new values.
The changes are becoming an essential factor the business strategy, market success and long-term development depend on. The firms which will achieve superior performances in their products and services are those which have discovered how to open the way towards the ideas and humans capabilities at all levels of organization.


Changes, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Human Resources, Learning Organization

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