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Review article

Christ: His Person and Work

Raoul Dederen ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, SAD

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At the center of the Christian religion is Jesus Christ. Beyond the acceptance of a set of fundamental beliefs, in its inmost essence our religion is first and foremost a commitment to a Person: Jesus Christ. The same is true of the Christian message. The gospel is about an event at the center of which is Jesus Christ. Christianity does not go back merely to an early community of believers. It is rooted in Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity is Christ. But who is He?
The aim of this article is to make a reflec¬tive and systematic study of the person and mission or work of Jesus Christ, however brief and selective, based on the Scriptures, particularly on the NT. The starting point in this study is that the Gospels are historically authentic and dependable materials describ¬ing what Jesus did and said. The remainder of the Scriptures, both OT and NT, are like-wise recognized as trustworthy and reliable sources. After all, the person and work of our Lord, as well as their implications, are a mat¬ter of revelation more than of human thought.
This article will consider various aspects of the person and work of Jesus Christ, namely His person, death, resurrection, ascension high priestly ministry, and second coming according to the following outline.


Christ, Christology, Logos, , Atonment, Second-Coming

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