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Professional paper

Electrochemical investigation of influence of processed cheese suspensions on aluminium corrosion

Đuro Mišanović ; "Zdenka", Trg kralja Tomislava 15, 43293 Veliki Zdenci
Zvonimir Kondor

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The most important material for packing processed cheese is aluminium foil. The purpose of this work was investigation of the corrosion behavior of aluminium in processed cheese wather suspensions (in span of mass share (w) 5-10-15%). The investigations were carried out by electrochemical methods (measuring the galvanic current of the couple aluminium-platinum as a function of time and cathodic galvanostatic polarization of aluminium). The electrode made of aluminium w (Al) = 99,5%, witch is otherwise used like wraping material in food industry, was used for measurement. The results of investigation and calculated values of corrosion rate show that aluminium has good corrosive resistance in relation to processed cheese suspensions.


processed cheese, aluminium corrosion, electrochemical investigation

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