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Review article

Service marketing application analysis in the case of driving schools in the Republic of Croatia

Silvije Jerčinović ; College of Agriculture-Križevci

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In the contemporary era it is impossible not to observe the presence of marketing elements in all social segments and its activities. As marketing is a philosophy of universal principals, it could be applied in all areas including the service sector, although with certain modifications. An analysis of driving schools’ service marketing will provide general comprehension of services as an object of the interchange on the local service market. The survey that was conducted is an effort to create a clearer concept of value of the elements that provide for and constitute the process of service “production”. The example of driving school service is used to present one of the possible models of how service marketing operates in Croatia. The subject of this paper is the analysis of service marketing application in the case of driving schools. Most driving schools are incorporated and function as businesses and are, consequently, subject to market laws and competition. So far, there has been no sufficient theoretical debate of the service marketing of driving schools, and empirical research shows that the situation in practice is less than satisfactory. Nevertheless, driving schools do apply some elements of marketing activities but lack adequate marketing knowledge to enable their wider or more efficient application. It is obvious that the existing driving school marketing is insufficient and incomplete.


service marketing, service, service encounter, servuction, driving schools

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