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Concentrations of microelements Al, Co, Cr, Li, Mo, Ni, Sb and Sr in the milk of Croatian Coldblood mares

Nina Bilandžić orcid id ; Laboratory for Residue Control, Department for Veterinary Public Health, Croatian Veterinary Institute, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Marija Sedak
Maja Đokić
Božica Solomun Kolanović
Ivana Varenina
Đurđica Božić
Ana Končurat

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Microelements concentrations of Al, Co, Cr, Li, Mo, Ni, Sb and Sr were determined in the milk of Croatian Coldblood mares by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry. The total mean element contents in mares milk were (mg/kg): Al<10, Co<10, Cr 26.7, Li 4.35, Mo 11.0, Ni<10, Sb 70.1 and Sr 467. Variation of Li, Sb and Sr concentrations were found throughout the lactation stages (days 10-180). Correlations were found among elements in mares milk. In general, very limited data are available on the microelements content of Al, Cr, Co, Li, Mo, Ni, Sb and Sr in mares milk. To our knowledge this is the first report of the content of these microelements in milk of mares in Croatia.


microelements; milk; horse; ICP-OES; Croatia

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