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Original scientific paper

Some topics in process planning of rotational turning

János Kundrák ; University Of MiskolcDepartment of Production Engineering
Károly Gyáni ; University Of MiskolcDepartment of Production Engineering
István Deszpoth ; University Of MiskolcDepartment of Production Engineering
István Sztankovics ; University Of MiskolcDepartment of Production Engineering

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There could be different procedure variants of chip
removal by the applied kinematic relations in
turning operations. Recently, some research and
analysis of these variants have come to the front
since turning can replace grinding in precision
machining operations due to the development of
tools with geometrically defined cutting edge(s)
and tool materials, even in machining of hardened
surfaces. This frequently occurs in finish
machining, therefore the application of the
topography meeting the functional requirements
best and also the procedure leading to that has
become crucially important. Some of the
technological issues of one of the variants –
rotational turning – is the subject of this work.
Rotational turning does the cutting with a long,
oblique and spatial positioned cutting edge instead
of the single-point cutting tools applied in
traditional turning. The slow rotation of the cutting
edge on a large diameter causes a skiving-like
material removal mechanism. In order to calculate
the cutting parameters as well as to determine the
machining times and the productivity, the rotation
angles of the tool needed for the run-in, run-out
and the constant phases must be known.
In this paper the rotation angles based on
geometrical conditions are determined and a
method for their calculation is given. The structure
of the applied tool and the applicable technological
parameters are described and in addition, the high
productivity of this procedure is shown. Finally, the
method for determining the cutting parameters is


process planning, rotational turning

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