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Original scientific paper

Business simulation as a tool for entrepreneurial learning The role of business simulation in entrepreneurship education

Anton Florijan Barišić ; University College Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Zagreb, Croatia
Monika Prović ; University College Nikola Subic Zrinski, Innovation and Development Centre Zrinski

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Recently, there is an increasing trend towards use of business simulations in all levels of education in educational institutions. They are using business simulation games as enhancements to the traditional learning environment. Business simulation or business simulation games as a form of experiential learning are focused on improving business decision making skills by using students natural capacity for technology. Business simulations provide a space in which learning is an outcome of tasks stimulated and executed by the content of the simulation, while the knowledge is developed through the content of the simulation, and skills are developed as a result of playing the simulation game. While it is commonly accepted that information technology has changed the way how we work, live, learn and entertain, it has been proven that nowaday students’ attitudes and aptitudes are framed by an IT and media-rich environment. This paper presents the results of the survey conducted among the students of third grade of high schools in Croatia. The purpose of the research was to explore levels of digital and entrepreneurial competencies before and after training and competition using business simulation games as a tool. The results showed that the level of students’ digital and entrepreneurial competencies cumulatively grown about 10%. Adding to the results the additionally conducted interviews and calculating the impact of increased competencies to the operating business results of their virtual companies, we can say that their competencies have been increased even more (20%).


entrepreneurship, education, knowledge, business simulation games

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