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Marko Palekčić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu Odsjek za pedagogiju

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Management and control of educational system efficiency by introducing educational standards requires the evaluation of pupils’ achievements in the form of competencies. Evaluating the success of educational system through the setting of standards postulates school autonomy in achieving those standards. Focusing on pupils’ achievements also implicates the question whether this redirection would result in changes toward higher quality of school and teaching. Thus the effect of teaching quality on pupils’ achievements becomes the crucial issue. The real effects of the quality of teaching on pupils’ success are demonstrated by (theoretical and epistemological) meta-analysis of empiri- cal longitudinal goals. The results of the meta-analysis prove the significant influence of quality of direct teaching on pupils’ achievement (78% of variance is explained by teacher’s competences); there are possibilities for simultaneous accomplishment of cognitive and affective goals; and the teachers’ established competences are very important in achievement of various purposes of education. Presented results of empirical investigations have been submitted to critical pedagogical valorisation, at the same time indicating their practical relevance in teaching. Future studies should integrate positive (general didactical) and epistemological (empirical studies) approach in investigating the effects of teaching quality on pupils’ achievements. The resulting knowledge should be incorporated in broader educational perspective which could enable us to appropriately evaluate the efforts of educational system reform from the perspective of empirically obtained results.


curriculum; educational standards; quality of teaching and pupils’ achievements; empirical studies; teaching goals and forms; teacher’s competences

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