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Original scientific paper

Qohelet Strikes Back: Christian Hope for Post-cynical World

Igor Mitrović ; Belgrade Theological Seminary

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The trouble of the Christian world is that it has to articulate eschatological hope to a world which is anti-utopian and which seemingly does not need transcendence. Secularism has dethroned Christian and generally, transcendental eschatological hope and off ered its own, immanent ones. Th ese have in turn ran ashore on rocks of unfounded optimism. On the one hand, the 20th century witnessed how utopia of progress failed sourly. On the other hand, evolutionistic postmodern quasi-hope off ered a metanarrative which explained existence but did not seem to off er meaning to it. Christian eschatological hope potentially fi lls the vacuum of hope but only if it goes through biblical reinvention. In that sense, the thesis is that Christian eschatological hope becomes credible alternative in the present context only when it is informed and formed by (among others) the unique eschatology of Qohelet. All of the book of Qohelet - not only its last verses where the judgement of God is explicitly mentioned, represents seemingly primitive and outdated but actually fresh examples of second naïveté , unused resource for articulating livable post-cynical Christian response to the contemporary crisis of hope.


Qohelet, anti-eschatology, post-cynism, inaugurated eschatology, sustainability

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