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Zlatko Miliša orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Jasminka Dević ; Dom za odgoj djece i mladeži Osijek
Ines Perić orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Mostar

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In this paper theoretical and practical links and implications of the correlation between (crisis of ) values and (crisis of ) education are analyzed and updated. Education is a value category and it cannot be understood without philosophical, sociological and psychological context. The authors of the paper argue for the pedagogical discourse of “education for values” and/or “education for democracy”, due to the fact that individuals, as well as every state, stagnate or prosper through the implementation of (specific) educational values. Education is not value-neutral, and every critical pedagogue should be value engaged and indicate with which educational values to build a healthy society and an engaged citizen. The belief in the value-neutral social science means that scientists should be unconcerned about the consequences of social distortions. Individual and social perspective is a given value, but it also has (its) time restriction. Based on the other, as well as their own research studies, the authors explain how to reach children and youth at risk and with risky behaviour. In the end, the article offers an (operational) definition of the educational objectives.


values; education; value orientations; leisure time; youth; children at risk; risky behaviour

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