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Preliminary communication

Prodesse et delectare in Teaching Latin – A New Approach Based on Old Foundations

Zdravka Martinić-Jerčić orcid id ; University of Zagreb - Centre for Croatian Studies
Tamara Tvrtković ; University of Zagreb - Centre for Croatian Studies

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The paper begins with an overview of current teaching trends and an explanation of how concepts such as correlation, project and team teaching work in theory, as well as in practice, with an emphasis on teaching Latin. The instructional unit “Ancient Genres in a Contemporary Context” is used as an example to place selected genres of ancient literature in a contemporary context, thus giving learners an opportunity to gain insight into the continuity of Western European heritage from the antiquity to the present, and encouraging them to start thinking about the connections between the ancient and the modern world. At the same time, this instructional unit is placed in correlation with the content covered in other subjects (e.g. Croatian, Greek or History, while it is also possible to establish links with Art, Music, Ethics and so on).


correlation principle teaching, teaching Latin, ancient genres in a contemporary context

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