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Original scientific paper

Jadranka Damjanov's Pedagogical Methodology - Becoming Aware of Direct Perception

Marko Tokić orcid id ; Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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In this paper the purpose of Jadranka Damjanov’s approach to visual arts education and her understanding of art are mainly discussed. The starting point for getting an insight into the purpose of Damjanov’s pedagogical methodology of art history is discussion between Matko Peić and Damajnov’s students started in Telegram newspapers in 1961. According to Damjanov’s opinion the purpose of visual arts education is to become aware of direct perception. Results of Electronystagmography – a diagnostic test that records involuntary eye movements while observing works of art – favors her theory. Damjanov believes that art is sensuous disclosure of measurement accomplished not just by artist but by percipient as well. In that way she distances herself from common theories of art.


perception, eyes, electronystagmography, nurture (education), awareness, art

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