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Review article

Digital Humanities and National Philology: on Possible Implications of the Computational Turn

Davor Nikolić orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

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The article discusses the role of digital technologies in the humanities, especially in the research of national philology and its academic teaching. In addition to a short overview of the history of digital humanities and their phases the article discusses the socalled computational turn in contemporary scholarly research. Besides observing the change in methods (opposition of classical close-reading and new distant reading), the author emphasizes the change in the ontology of research in the humanities. Digital medium affects the changes in culture, but also in knowledge, which in consequence leads to a completely new concept of university. New, hybrid forms of scholarly research and academic teaching which can be discerned in future require active deliberation on the role of the digital both in studying Croatian language and literature as a national philology and in the future research of Croatian language and literature.


computational turn, critical theory, culture, digital humanities, philology, quantitative methods

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