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Juraj LOKMER orcid id ; Hrvatska franjevačka provincija sv. Ćirila i Metoda
Fila BEKAVAC LOKMER ; Hrvatska franjevačka provincija sv. Ćirila i Metoda

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Croatian Franciscan Province of Ss Cyril and Methodius since 2011 systematically itemizes holdings of its libraries. The focus of this catalogue is on the most precious holdings and modern standardization through usage of informatics and communication technologies. With such an approach the processed material is available in publicly open digital catalogue on the address Collection of foreign books from the
sixteenth century (1515-1600) in the library of the Franciscan monastery in Čakovec does not hold many books in total, only 28 items/volumes with 30 titles. However, its content is quite interesting and kind of unique. This article reveals catalog of the Collection itself,
including the comments and necessary explanations regarding the most interesting titles. The library keeps two editions of Bible (from 1516 and 1585), interesting philosophical and theological holdings (Aristotle, Origenes, Aurelius Augustinus, Duns Scot, Titelmann,
Stapleton). Besides these texts, there are several pastoral manuals and collections of sermons (Biel, Mazzolini, Pepin, Osorio, Diez)), as well as historical literature such as descriptions of the Jewish war and sufferings of Jews written by Joseph Flavius and Hegesipius, history of Rome and Roman emperors (Publius Cornelius Tacitus and Antonio
de Guevara). Moreover, the library keeps several items in the field of literature (Fabulae Aesopi, Nürmberg 1546), pedagogy (Desiderius Erasmus, Civilitas Morvm Erasmi De civilitate morum puerilium …, Norimbergae around 1540), musical theory and praxis written
by some Protestant theologians (H. Faber, Brevissima rudimenta musicae pro incipientibus, 1576 and Compendium musicae by Augustus Vindelicorum, 1580; N. Listenius, Musica Nicolai Listenii: ab authore denuo recognita, mutisque novis et exemplis
adaucta, Norimberge 1551). There are also some titles from the field of medicine, written primarily by German Protestant physicians (J. Curio, Conservandae bonae valetudinis praecepta longe salvberrima …, Franc. 1568; Eobanus Helius, Saluberrima bonae valetudinis
tuendae praecepta …, Francofordiae 1568). One can find there also two works in philology and lexicography written by a Protestant theologian (H. Decimator, Silvae vocabulorum et phrasium, … Aucta est haec pars vocabulis Graecis, Hebraicis, Gallicis & Italicis, recognita … Secunda pars …, Lipsiae 1595), and an Italian humanist (M. Nizzoli,
Nizolius, siue Thesaurus Ciceronianus: Omnia Ciceronis verba, omneque loquendi, atque eloquendi varietatem complexus …, Venetiis 1581). A kind of rarity in this collection is a popular work of the sixteenth century Italian scientist, alchemist, philosopher and comediograph Giovanni Battista Della Porta, Magiae naturalis libri viginti, in quibus mendis repurgati, in lucem prodierunt: Accessit index, rem omnem dilucide repraesentans copiosissimus.
Librorum ordinem, qui in hoc opera continentur, versa pagina indicabit (Francofurti 1597), which was dedicated to the nobleman from Dubrovnik Džono Bobaljević (Bobagli) and his brothers Marin and Mihovil. Language of these volumes is mostly Latin, though some of them are written in German, too. Majority the books were published in German speaking countries (Nurnberg, Frankfurt, Augsburg, Hagenau, Strasbourg, Cologne etc.), while some of them were published
in Venice, Rome, or in France and Belgium. Some of these books have illustrations, and graphics that can be evaluated as exquisite. Among them Bible from the beginning of the sixteenth century contain artistically interesting initials in xylography or plate techniques;
however of a standard graphic quality regarding European press techniques of that time. Similarly, the above-mentioned studies of Joseph Flavius and Hegesipius were graphically equipped by famous German printer and graphic artist Sigismund Feyerabend. Book covers in this collection are of different age. The oldest bindings consist of wood coated in parched leather with floral ornaments (16th century), are preserved only on three books. Some volumes are bounded with metal buckles with covers of older manuscripts,
which are preserved only to some extent. Newer bindings (18th century and later) have cardboard covers in smooth, mostly cowhide, leather; sometimes decorated with floral or geometrical ornaments. Most of the catalogued items contain clearly visible ex libris or other proprietary inscriptions. Most of the items from the Collection already have a bibliographical description with digital image and direct link to the digitized copy kept in some of the European libraries. In this way users can easily browse holdings of this library. This Collection of foreign rare books from the sixteenth century in the Library of the
Franciscan monastery in Čakovec clearly witness about long lasting spiritual and cultural tradition of the Croatian Franciscans from Čakovec.


Foreign rare books; 16th century; Franciscan libraries; Croatian Franciscan Province of Ss Cyril and Methodius; Čakovec

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