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Original scientific paper

Innovation Activities in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Republic of Croatia: Empirical Research in ICT Sector

Mečev Mečev ; Polytechnic of Šibenik, Šibenik, Croatia
Jelena Žaja orcid id ; Polytechnic of Šibenik, Šibenik, Croatia

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One of the most important aspects of success of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is their innovativeness. However, when comparing SMEs, it can be noticed that some are much better in capitalizing their innovations than others. Therefore, it is important to identify what type of enterprises have better innovation effects, which opens a path for the research of this subject. This paper shows the results of research on population of SMEs in Republic of Croatia engaged in information and/or communication technology (ICT) activities. Choice of researching area is based on the assumption that this field is exceptionally attractive for investment activities. The attempt was to answer the question of the key factors influencing development of innovation, that is, the innovative power of SMEs, and what are the effects of these factors on their ultimate business results. The results of research have shown how connecting enterprises with other business subjects (in strategic alliances, clusters, making long term contracts with key buyers and/or suppliers etc.) is the most significant predictor of positive innovation effects. We expect the results of this research to expand existing knowledge on the drivers of innovation activities in SMEs and their effect on business performance.


innovations; drivers of innovations; SMEs; ICT sector

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