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Original scientific paper

Predictors of Early Retirement Intentions in Croatia

Marijana Bađun orcid id ; Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb
Šime Smolić orcid id ; Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb

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In this paper, we use the SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing
and Retirement in Europe) Wave 6 dataset to look into the
socio-demographic, health, well-being, financial and work-
-related predictors of intended early retirement in Croatia.
We estimate logit regression models. Based on our research,
early retirement seems to be more appealing to people who
work in the private sector, who have poor quality of life, who
are less educated, or report poor health status. Amending
the pension system in terms of making early retirement a less
attractive choice is not enough. Many Croatian employees
would be ready to work longer if they had better jobs,
education, and health. These are the policy areas where
Croatia needs large improvements.


early retirement, pension system, ageing, Croatia, SHARE

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