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A Brief Spring of Anarchy: Studentski list [Student’s Newspaper] February – June 1978. Remarks on the Dissolution of the Editorial Board of Studentski list [Student’s Newspaper] due to Publishing Collected Papers Dedicated to 10th Anniversary of Student’s Protests in 1968

Enis Zebić orcid id ; Kralja Zvonimira 119, HR–10000 Zagreb

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Students’ protests in 1968. were a traumatic topic for the entire later period of Yugoslav socialism. Firstly, because somebody for the first time en masse challenged exclusive monopoly of the Communist Party by using Marxist phraseology. Secondly, because protesters openly spoke, concerning serious and painful structural problems. Thirdly, because authorities euthanized students’ movement with repression and demagogy. Fourthly, because the issues students spoke of were not solved until the collapse of Yugoslav socialism, and to the extent, they contributed to that collapse. The phenomenon of 1968 is part of the certain unclean conscience of the Yugoslav Communist nomenclature, and in this context, we need to understand direct and soft repression over the participants and sympathizers of 1968, including the “case” of the dissolution of the editorial board of the Zagreb Studentski list in 1978.


1968; socialism; economic reform; students; Josip Broz Tito

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