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Original scientific paper

The use of sanitation products in milk and cheese production

Samir Kalit ; Zavod za mljekarstvo, Agronomski fakultet, Svetošimunska 25, 10000 Zagreb
Jasmina Lukač Havranek

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Considering hygienic conditions in cheese production the aim of this paper was to investigate the influence of using some sanitation* products in milk and cheese production on family farms. This investigation was a part of the project “Improving the quality of Tounj cheese produced on family farms”. By use of the sanitation products, during milk production, significant (P<0.01) decrease of geometrical mean of total bacterial count from 3.54 x 105 to 8 x 103 in mL of milk, as well as significant (P<0.01) decrease of geometric mean of somatic cell count from 3.1 x 105 to 2.4 x 105 in mL of milk was observed. The ratio of hygienically unacceptable cheeses, according to the Regulations of microbial standards for foods (NN 46/94.), significantly (P<0.01) decreased as well. Because of the new requests and standards, the sanitation products are more in use in both milk and cheese production on family farms. Investigated sanitation products were suitable for use in milk and Tounj cheese production.


hygiene, milk quality, cheese quality

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