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Original scientific paper

Kinesthetic Imagination in Architecture: Design and Representation of Space

Katarina Andjelkovic orcid id ; Atelier AG Andjelkovic, Belgrade, Serbia

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Histories of architecture have long-recognized the vital role of concepts, strategies and principles exchanged between architecture and film, which reconfigured their systems of knowledge and made this relationship rich. Nonetheless, film has been used mainly as an instrument of narration and representation in architecture, only rarely engaged in questioning how it affects the way we understand, think and design space. Some of the most recent architectural design practices have recognized that film, using its specific screen environment, can provide a source of new architectural imagination while contextualizing our kinesthetic experience of space. In this article, I will examine how kinesthetic imagination has informed architectural practice in relation to the established practices of architectural representation.


kinesthetic experience; film; movement; architectural design; representation

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