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Review article

Comparative Studies of the Middle East in Croatia: State of the Discipline

Borna Zgurić orcid id ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Based on a quantitative analysis of content of scientific and professional‎ journals on the central portal of scientific journals in the Republic of Croatia (Hrčak),‎ the author provides insight into a branch of regional comparative politics studying‎ the Middle East. He found that 75 scientific and professional papers on the Middle‎ East have been published, only 11 of which dealing with North African countries.‎ This serves to show that the mentioned sub-region of the Middle East is highly‎ underrepresented‎ in Croatian scientific and professional literature. Furthermore, of‎ the 75 articles on the Middle East, 25 are professional papers. The largest number‎ of scientific papers on the Middle East (13) was published in the Politička misao‎ journal, while only 5 papers were published in other scientific journals whose publisher‎ or co-publisher is the Faculty of Political Science. Finally, qualitative analysis‎ of articles from four journals published or co-published by the Faculty of Political‎ Science has shown that comparative regional studies are far more common than‎ traditional regional ones.‎


Croatian political science, comparative politics, regional studies, studiesof the Middle East

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