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Professional paper

Libertas International University students’ satisfaction with classes during covid-19 pandemic

Mladen Ilić ; Ministarstvo pravosuđa i uprave

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Since the beginning of 2020, Croatia has faced the Covid-19 pandemic. With the spread of the pandemic, many schools and colleges were closed, and transitioned to online classes. Fortunately, many schools and colleges had previously developed platforms for the organization of distance learning. Faced with an escalating epidemiological situation, Libertas International University suspended direct contact classes at the end of March 2020. In the beginning, both the students and the teachers were ill-prepared for the new form of teaching/ learning, and it took some time to adapt. Although the students and the teaching staff had acquired and applied digital competencies and skills in their everyday life and work, many found themselves unprepared for online teaching, or following online lectures and seminars. In short, it is necessary that all students and teachers acquire similar levels of digital competence. A survey was conducted with students of the specialist graduate study at the Libertas International University, with questions relating to students’ digital competence, distance learning, student assessment. The results are presented in this paper.


online classes; digital competencies; students; pandemic

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