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Review article

The Mindlessness of Hate Speech – Biological and Cultural Dimension

Sead Alić orcid id ; Petrovogorska 16a, HR–10000 Zagreb

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Hate speech is interpreted in various ways. It is always analysed in the context of the relationship between freedom of speech and the possible lack of freedom caused by legal regulation and sanctioning of hate speech. In this paper we want to start from the consideration of hate itself (taking into account philosophical dimensions, social contexts and the contribution of politics to the development of hate speech) and in this way consider it in its biological and cultural dimensions. Using specific examples of hate speech, we aim to show the intertwining of the biological and the intellectual, the cultural and the physical, the ideological and the emotional. The analysis of some cases of hate speech and the passion of individuals involved in this psychological and intellectual immaturity makes clear how important it is for philosophy to lunge into this poor reality – steps taken to give philosophical views on these phenomena, but also basic criteria for possible orientation in other scientific research.


hate speech; freedom of speech; biology; culture; philosophy; mass media

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