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Original scientific paper

Montenegro Today - Internal Condition and International Position

Radovan Radonjić ; Law Faculty, University of Podgorica

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Montenegro is the only of the former Yugoslav republics that hasn't gained its independence and international recognition. It doesn't enjoy an equal footing with Serbia in the unified state, and thus misses out on a chance to specify and achieve its vital national and international interests in the way it suits it most. Montenegro is today on the brink of arriving at the final resolution of its statehood. Nonetheless, the circumstances under which it is supposed to accomplish it are quite unfavorable: it is exposed to great pressure from Serbia which rejects such a move; the international community does not always show enough comprehension for its interests and needs; it is being torn by political, national and religious differences; it faces grave economic difficulties and social tensions. The situation in and around Montenegro is all the more complex, as on the one hand it cannot achieve its goal without having overcome this problems, and on the other, it cannot overcome these problems without having first achieved the fixed goal.


independence, freedom, equality, international-legal subjectivity

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