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The Impact of the Technological Paradigm on the Behaviour of Millennials and Children

Ines Šmit orcid id ; Hrvatska gospodarska komora, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marinko Kovačić ; Hrvatska gospodarska komora, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Millennials and children are growing up in an environment that is largely determined by the technological paradigm. Communication technology, which is the connective tissue of social and economic entities, is of particular importance. The Internet has already radically redesigned the business and organisational relations in terms of disrupting hierarchical relations. Our thesis is that young generations are profiled in the relationships of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and opinions with minimal presence of hierarchical relationships, which have significantly influenced the shaping of previous generations. We believe that Internet technology affects the manner young generations and children think and can transform into superficiality, i.e. uncritical relativism. This is why the development of critical thinking emerges as a necessity for millennials to be able to independently and competently assess online content, but also other knowledge stored in other media. Critical thinking must be developed primarily in educational institutions.


technological paradigm, millennials, children, Internet, critical thinking

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