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Professional paper

Impact of Storytelling and Marketing Campaigns on Children: Behavioural and Communication Aspects

Ivan Biošić orcid id ; Edward Bernays Visoka škola za komunikacijski menadžment (student), Zagreb, Hrvatska
Sandra Biošić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Children are often the face of the marketing campaigns of well-known brands and often appear in the media. The question arises as to how storytelling and marketing campaigns affect children. Children and parents are, for the most part, the target group to whom a well-formed story with integrated educational facts seeks to bring closer a certain topic, solution to a problem or habit. Children in the globalised and digitised world very often acquire their first, everyday, habits by following the media, but also in positive examples of campaigns that, using storytelling , show significantly more successful results than run-of-the-mill marketing campaigns, which aim to support and improve sales.  Storytelling campaigns are increasingly common among corporations due to their success, and are mostly based on a behavioural and communication approach. Storytelling campaigns show a noticeable level of increased involvement of key publics, children, due to the play on emotions, daily habits, interpersonal relationships and the development of the child's character. In the development of the character of the child, parents, educators, teachers and professional staff and the child's environment are mostly involved, but also the media – from content on television to games that extend beyond virtual reality in the child's eyes, into the so-called imaginary reality. The aim of this paper is to gain insight into the impact that  storytelling itself and campaigns have on children and their behavioural and communication abilities. The qualitative research was conducted in a kindergarten in the City of Zagreb, and included two groups of children of different ages.


children, media, storytelling, marketing campaign, behavioral and communication skills

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