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Professional paper

The Media Influence and the Role of Adults in the Upbringing and Educating of Preschool and Early School Children

Antonija Đuran orcid id ; DV Medo Brundo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Diana Koprivnjak orcid id ; DV Medo Brundo, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Nataša Maček orcid id ; DV Medo Brundo, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Children are exposed to the media from an early age. This has significant influence on a child's upbringing and education. The large number of different media produce a quick, imperceptible, but significant influence on children. This paper analyses the positive and negative influence of media in the education of children. Positive aspects such as the availability of diverse information, which help children to assert themselves as members of the social community to which they belong, are especially emphasized. The goal of media education is to help children develop a critical thinking when consuming media content, so that they can use media in a proper manner when educating themselves. Since adults play an important role when selecting media content, they should teach children how to use media in a quality manner and for the purpose of learning and their own progress. The impact of adults is significant since there are often negative consequences to media influence due to the exposure of children to information that is impossible for children to filter. Failure to filter media content can have long-term consequences on a child's development, both in school and in social life.


media, children, upbringing, education

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