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A contribution to the knowledge about the conditions in Vukovar during the plague epidemic of 1795/1796 – The question of the assessment of the number of deaths from the plague

Veljko Maksić

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In the last decade of the 18th century, after being absent for fifty years, the plague appeared again in Vukovar. At the time the pathogen was unknown, as were methods of effective treatment. Nonetheless, Vukovar exhibited a rather low number of infected persons and deaths in comparison to other places in Syrmia. On the basis of preserved archival materials, it is possible to investigate the overall number of deaths and the mortality rate in Vukovar. Furthermore, this paper provides an explanation for the low number of deaths during the epidemic in Vukovar in 1795/96. Insight into accessible literature allowed the chronology of the epidemic to be established, from the appearance of the pathogenic agent in the settlement until this Syrmian market town was finally cleared of the plague. Through the analysis of a number sources, a consolidated list of deaths caused by the Syrmian plague in Vukovar has been created.


Franz Schraud; plague; Michael Gellei; Vukovar; 18th century

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