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Professional paper

The Castellum Tariona

Alen Miletić

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According to Pliny’s description of the coast from Scardona to
Salona (Plin., N. H. III, 141), the castellum Tariona was located on the
coast of the old territory of the Delmati Tariotes, on the western
side of the Hyllus Peninsula. Its remains can be sought in the ruins
of the hillforts of Stari Šibenik and Mendulina, which are located
above Grebaštica Valley to the north. The hillforts are located on
two neighbouring peaks, and thus form a single spatial unit. Based
on the surface materials found there and the manner in which the
ramparts are constructed, they differ from other hillforts. Judging
by the surface discoveries and the specific architecture, these two
mighty fortifications certainly have continuity from the second to
first centuries BC.


Castellum Tariona, hillforts, Mendulina, Stari Šibenik, Grebaštica

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