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Materials for the Entomological Bibliography of Croatia 2000

Bogomir MILOŠEVIĆ ; Kosorova 1, Zagreb, Croatia
Vlatka MIČETIĆ ; Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

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This paper is the seventh contribution within the Croatian Entomological Society’s Project of completing the Entomological Bibliography of Croatia. Materials for 1990 - 1993 were published in Vol. 3(1997) 1998, for 1994 in Vol. 4(1998) 1999; for 1995 - 1996 in Vol. 5. 2001; for 1997 in Vol.7(2003)2004, for 1998 in Vol.8(2004)2005, for 1999 in Vol. 9(2005)2006. In the present article, data are given on 81 bibliographic units by 105 authors and co-authors on
general and applied entomology (sensu lato), including scientific, professional and popular scientific papers. Contributions from human and veterinary entomology are not included. The authors are Croatian entomologists and biologists, and foreign specialists who have published papers relevant to Croatian entomofauna. Articles from newspapers are not included. The index of journals is added.


Entomology, bibliographies, Croatia

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