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Review article

Islam as a paradigma facing contemporary European society and Christian thought

Tomislav Kovač orcid id

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Islamic religion and civilization in the period of globalization makes up an integral part of world history and culture and demands to be thought about in an integrating and constructive way, in the sense of a dialogical challenge and coexistence, and not exclusively through the prism of threat or rivalry. On the contrary, in many ways Islam today can be used as a sort of hermeneutical key through which Western civilization, contemporary European society as well as Christian thought can be reread and reinterpreted again. Coming from this point of view, the author sees Islam through a triple paradigm – historical and political, socio-religious and theological – through which Islam could help Europe and Christianity to deliberate about themselves and others in a new way. He especially accentuates the importance of Muslims in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who are called upon to become a sort of paradigmatic bridge between the East and West.


Islam, globalization, Europe, hermeneutics, Islamic-Christian dialogue, Muslims in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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