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Original scientific paper

The United States of America and the reintegration of the Croatian Danube Region

Albert Bing

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This paper provides a review of the activities of the American diplomacy in the implementation of the Erdut Peace Agreement in the broader context of post-Dayton Croatian-American relations. It focuses on the mandate of the so-called Interim Administration (1996-1998) and offers a broader review of the reintegration process after this period as well. The paper is based primarily on published documents of American provenance, which offer a glimpse into the objectives and methods used by American diplomacy and the problems of bilateral relations between the countries, i.e. the positioning of Croatia in the international community. Within the analysis of Croatian-American relations – with regard to the Croatian Danube Region – special emphasis has been laid on the analysis of American positions. The promotion and reaffirmation of multiculturalism in contrast to ethnic homogenization (as the basic feature of the conflicts in “Yugoslav wars” during the nineties) is thus considered not only as American contribution to the stabilization of the region, but also as a component of the process of maturation of American foreign affairs doctrine until the present day.


Croatian Danube region, USA, American foreign policy, Erdut peace agreement, peaceful reintegration

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