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Original scientific paper

The impact of vaporization on the crushing nuts (Juglans regia L.)

R. Bernik ; Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Agronomy, Ljubljana, Slovenia
D. Stajnko ; Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hoče, Slovenia
M. Lakota ; Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hoče, Slovenia

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The influence of hot steam vaporization of the walnut (Juglans regia L.) cultivar 'Franquette' on the required force for deformation (breaking) and the energy required to fracture the shell with the centrifugal breaking machine was studied under the laboratory conditions. The maximum force (248.04 N) was used for breaking nuts, which were vaporized for 5 minutes and 171.35 N for 15 minutes vaporized samples of nuts. The shortest deformation (1.3 mm) was measured for breaking 0 minute vaporized nuts, and the maximum deformation (4.15 mm) for 15 minutes vaporization samples. The largest percent of the whole kernels (74.62 %), was measured on 15 minutes vaporized nuts and the lowest on 0 minutes vaporized sample (28.47 %).


nuts; hot steam vaporization; kernels; physical properties; centrifugal machine

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