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The author of the above article describes the famous Senj Uskok and noble family Domazetović, which in historical documents come in various forms of surnames: Domazettovich, Domazetouvich, Domazetovich, Tomazetovich and Domazetović. The author presents
photography of two coats of arms: a family crest and painted stone coat of arms with their family house in Senj. They belong to Bosnian ancient nobility. Originally from Bosnia, they moved to Senj after the fall of Bosnia under the Ottoman Turks in 1463. By 1665 they had gained Senj citizenship due to their social prestige in Senj, and Pavao Domazetović participated in the famous mutiny of 1721. Years against the introduction of the salt monopoly, related to the payment of salt duties was especially appreciated by the patricians of Senj and the town. The same Pavao Domazetović, for his exceptional merit in the military struggle with the Ottoman Turks, received Austrian nobility and coat of arms from King Charles III (Charles VI), on 21st October 1724 in Vienna, and soon after he was promoted to an Austrian Baron for the same merits. In folk songs sung by some members of this famous Senj Uskok family, they were portrayed as brave defenders of ancient Croatian territories. Some members of this Uskok family are pointed out in battles with the Ottoman Turks as well as officers and captains of Senj’s Uskoks. During the 17th and 18th centuries they are mentioned as experienced Senj merchants and boat owners. During the war for the Polish Kingdom their numerous ships participated as part of the Austro-Hungarian navy and excelled in fighting at sea. The great reputation of this Senj family is evident by a magnificent house, which was built in 1744 by Juraj Domazetović and on it he mounted a stone plaque engraved with the family coat of arms relief with an inscription in Latin. This house has been preserved to this day and during the 19th century it was a centre of political and social life of the city of Senj. Also to this family belonged Fran (Franj) Domazetović, adviser to the ban in Zagreb, who died in 1949, and was one of the last members of this famous Senj Uskok and noble family.


noble family; Domazetović; coat of arms

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