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The Bologna Process and higher education as seen through the eyes of the media

Danijel Labaš orcid id
Lana Ciboci

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The media inundates us daily with topics including violence, crime, corruption, and numerous scandals, yet one of their basic duties is constantly being neglected and that of educating people about serious matters such as science, education and culture. Such themes are poorly and insufficiently represented in the media. Numerous researchers have analyzed such conditions and concluded that the primary reason is a result of the poor communication between scientists and journalists, as well as the lack of education amongst scientists in their communication skills which have been neglected in most high education institutions. The Bologna Process gained much attention within public circles, but not the media. By analyzing the published content of the most read daily newspapers, the Večernji list and the Jutarnji list, this article investigates the amount of attention the media had dedicated, and their manner of reporting in what was a major change in Croatian Higher Education. The results indicate that the Croatian media lacks commitment and dedication to higher education and that, even when they do, they only present basic information without analyzing the causes, consequences and wider context of such a condition/process.


media, science, high education, the Bologna Process, Večernji list, Jutarnji list

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