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Prevention of Terrorism Financing

Damir Bolta ; Ured za sprječavanje pranja novca, Ministarstvo financija, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Financing of terrorism is a criminal activity that endangers values protected by international law. As such it is defined by international treaties and other acts. It is phenomena that must be preven-ted and repressed by modern countries with proper level of standards. Establishment of counter-terrorism quality system embraces international instruments ratification, Financing of Terrorism criminalisation, confiscation of the terrorism related assets, international co-operation, proactive preventive system, and national co-operation. Recognition and detection of possible financing of terrorism presents complicated activity of joint vvork of preventive and repressive bodies. The subject of Financing of Terrorism investigation are usually small transactions hard to be recognised as an illegal activitv, of legal or illegal source, so co-operation is necessary among bodies dealing with intelligence, criminal intelligence and fmancial intelligence. Additional elements of the system are international restrictive measures based on consolidated lists of persons and entities against whom the measures have to be applied irrelevant to the possible judicial or other proceedings.

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financing of terrorism; terrorism; terrorst attack estimated value; fmancial investigation; financial intelligence unit; due dilligence

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