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Quality of ice cream and its importance in nutrition

Simo Parijez ; United agriculture, commerce and industry - Sarajevo

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The ice cream production and consumption in all over the world and particularly in our country is still insufficiently developed, although this production has increased rapidly in recent years. This milk product is an excellent source of food energy. The energy and nutritive value of ice cream depend upon the food value of the products from which the ice cream was produced. The main constituents of the ice cream mix are water, milk fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals., vitamins and other additional ingredients. When we know that ice cream consists from these very good ingredients its importance is bigger in human nutrition. The results from our examinations showed that the quality of ice cream depends upon the milk fat, protein and carbohydrates, because these components regulate a content of total solid in ice cream. Further examinations of the quality and kind of fats, which can be used as ice cream ingredient will be of the particular importance from the nutritional viewpoint. From the economical and dietary viewpoint it will be of great interest to give on our market some new product alike ice cream with improved packing and with less food values, where the butterfat can be replaced with vegetable or another animal fats.

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ice cream; quality; importance in nutrition

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