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Floor plan reconstruction of the Kaštel palace in Tar

Petar Puhmajer   ORCID icon ; Croatian Conservation Institute, Section for Immovable Heritage Documentation, Zagreb, Croatia

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P. Puhmajer, "Rekonstrukcija tlocrta palače Kaštel u Taru", Portal, vol., br. 2., str. 55-67, 2011. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 28.05.2020.]

The author analyzes the results of the conservation investigations of the Kaštel Palace in Tar, Istria. It is determined that the present structure was erected in the second half of the 19th century, replacing an older palace built in the 18th century. The older palace had been used as a model, and its wall structures were partially incorporated in the new building. The investigations have revealed the original spatial organization with a long, centrally positioned axial hall and two lateral series of rooms. This is a characteristic floor-plan type prevalent in Venice from the medieval times up to the 18th century, also found in various parts of Istria.

Ključne riječi
architecture; 19th century; Tar; Torre; Kaštel Palace; Venice; reconstruction; floor plan; typology

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