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Main altar in the parish church of St. Nicholas in Jasenovac

Vesna Šimičić ; Croatian Conservation Institute, Department for Polychrome Wooden Sculpture, Zagreb, Croatia

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The three-tier main altar of the Jasenovac church was made in 1714 for the sanctuary of the Church of the Holy Cross in Sisak. It is a work of the Pauline workshop and it is attributed to Tomo Jurjević and Pavao Bellina, who were active in the Pauline Croatian province at the end of the 17. c. and the beginning of the 18. c. In 1911, the altar was moved and assembled in the Church of St. Nicholas in Jasenovac. The iconographic composition of the sculptures has been modified on several occasions, as testified by the preserved photographs. As a result of extensive damage caused mainly by woodworm, first distinguishable conservation-restoration research and interventions began in the Conservation Institute of Croatia in 1968. The restored parts of the altar were presented at the 1989 exhibition Pauline Culture in Croatia. After the exhibition, the altar was brought back and assembled in the sanctuary of the Jasenovac church. During the Croatian War of 1991–1995, the altar was badly damaged, and urgent intervention was needed, so conservation-restoration work began immediately. At that time, it was discovered that four sculptures were missing, and some 25% of the gilded ornaments had been destroyed. During the intervention, the missing parts were reconstructed, and the remaining five sculptures and ornaments were subjected to a new round of conservation-restoration treatment. In 2008, the high pedestal and the first tier were returned to the sanctuary of the Jasenovac church, and the works on parts of the altar architecture, ornaments and sculptures of the second and third tier are still ongoing.

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altar of the Holly Cross; Sisak; altar of St. Nicholas; church of St. Nicholas; Jasenovac; Tomo Jurjević (Tomas Jurievich); Pavao Belina (Paulus Bellina); conservation-restoration works

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