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Challenges of affective education

Vesna Buljubašić-Kuzmanović   ORCID icon
Senka Gazibara   ORCID icon

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Buljubašić-Kuzmanović, V. & Gazibara, S. (2015). Izazovi afektivnog obrazovanja. Nova prisutnost, XIII (2), 213-228. Retrieved from
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Buljubašić-Kuzmanović, Vesna and Senka Gazibara. "Izazovi afektivnog obrazovanja." Nova prisutnost, vol. XIII, no. 2, 2015, pp. 213-228. Accessed 20 Jun. 2021.
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This paper analyses national and international literature that deals with affective education. The aim of the analysis focuses on theoretical starting points of affective education, its curricular perspectives and educational implications. The results of the analysis indicate the emotional and social foundation of affective education, its co-constructive procedure of development, preventive force and predictive role in regard to personal, social and cultural development, as well as academic achievement. The challenges of affective education are gaining more and more prominence within humanistic psychology, curricular innovations and school development, as paths towards a more humane and holistic education.

school; students; affective education; curriculum; pedagogical implications

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