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Anali Hrvatskog politološkog društva : časopis za politologiju, Vol.12 No.1 Lipanj 2016.

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Piketty, economics and sociology: The analytical and political agenda on inequality

Marko Grdešić ; Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb

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Grdešić, M. (2015). Piketty, ekonomija i sociologija: Znanstvena i politička agenda o nejednakosti. Anali Hrvatskog politološkog društva : časopis za politologiju, 12(1). doi:10.20901/an.12.08

This article considers the work of Thomas Piketty on inequality, with special emphasis on the reception of his ideas in the social sciences. First, a quantitative analysis of the works that cite Piketty’s most important publications examines the reception of Piketty in academic debates. Next, the critiques of Piketty from economics and sociology, two often opposed disciplines that have devoted the most attention to discussing Piketty, are considered. This article supplements existing critiques with additional suggestions that are relevant to both the scientific analysis of inequality and the process of imaging various reforms that could cope with the problem of inequality.

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Piketty; economics; sociology; inequality

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