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Tourism: the connection of the original and the modern

Darko Vlahović ; Hrvatska gospodarska komora, Županijska komora Split, Hrvatska

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Some people, in order to succeed in the tourist business, emphasize today the importance of regulating and implementing certain standards, as if to avert the doubt in the quality of satisfying tourist requirements. On the other side, the development trend towards "experiencing type" of tourism is emphasized, where emotional value of the tourist stay is at the centre of attention, i.e. a holiday with a purpose.
Taking into consideration all difficulties and disproportions, necessary changes are the condition for a newtourist future in Croatia, However, it is necessary then to find a balance between "old" values and the modem way of doing business, with a right concept of development.
The author investigates in this sense the necessity of accepting that invisible thread between the traditional and the modem, and their constant permation. He pleads for a creative application of foreign experience and not for a simple copying. Croatia needs positive ideals but without neglecting the possibilities of its own creative spirit and without interrupting the connections with its own tradition.
Globalization as a process is a great challenge for Croatian tourism offering chances but also bringing dangers. Development and innovative changes in the field of tourist facilities should, therefore, be directed towards the co-existence of modem rationality and traditional hospitality, discovering and encouraging specific identity in order to offer readily our own values and the richness of our own tradition.
Consequently, all these elements should be put into balance as a harmony of the new and the old in shaping tourist facilities and their functioning.

Ključne riječi
critical attitude towards globalization; let us follow contemporary trends; cultural values; optimistic solutions

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